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Roman slate texture stamp

Stamped Concrete and Finish options

If you are going with a Stamped Concrete finish, choosing stamp patterns and colours with so many options and combinations can be a challenging task. At Hepting Concrete, we pride ourself in the ability to educate our clients and set expectations in a way that will consistently make for a job well done. Visit our showcase for further concrete project examples or contact us for any specific request you may have! We would love to hear your new ideas. Here is a closer detailed look at our finishes available.

Roman Slate Stamped Concrete
Roman slate stamped concrete texture pattern. A great choice for patios and larger areas. This pattern provides great texture while still allowing chairs and tables to sit relatively flat/flush compared to other patterns
Rivenstone Stamped Concrete
Rivenstone Stamped concrete pattern. A realistic stone design, slightly deeper impressions than texture patterns.
Ashlar Slate Stamped concrete
Ashlar slate stamped concrete pattern. Deeper impressions, very realistic stone design. Allows for many colour variations along with individual stone staining.
Decorative concrete border add on
Add a border to your project. Borders can be installed on any pad, whether it be just a standard broom finish driveway or a stamped pad of concrete.
Architectural smooth finish
This finish offers a clean, smooth modern finish.
Wood grain stamped concrete
Wood grain stamped concrete pattern. We are able to achieve a true wood plank look with our stamps.
Field stone stamped concrete
Field stone stamped concrete. This stamp reflects random stones throughout the stamp.
Broom finished concrete
Our standard Broom finish is suitable for any service. Saw cut or manual control joints offered
Exposed aggregate concrete
Exposed aggregate finish.
Power trowel finish
Power trowel finish
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