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Concrete Concrete Concrete!

Updated: Feb 27, 2019

Over these past weeks, Regina has been cursed with a horrible cold spell. Not only is this weather seemingly tough on our own bodies, but also tough on concrete! With that said, seeing slight damage to your concrete after a harsh winter season filled with freeze thaw cycles and damaging road salts isnt going to be rare or shouldnt come as a shocking surprise. Almost every piece of concrete you see will show some damage that has been caused by environmental changes and most of them being caused by extreme temperature changes and also in relation to the ground shifting (These two can go hand in hand) The vast majority of these damages will simply be aesthetic and will not hinder any serviceable function of your concrete. If you wish to find out about certain practices that can be taken to combat against weather related concrete damage, shoot us an email! We will be happy to help you out.

Weve been in the concrete business for over 35 years now, to say there is nothing concrete related we havent seen would be a lie, as it is forever presenting us and other contractors with new challenges. However, within those 35+ years we have learned by experience and can provide you, the customer, with the most up to date and accurate concrete practices and information available. We are constantly learning new techniques, researching new materials and demoing new equipment to help serve you better. Let us be your trusted concrete contractor! #reginaconcreteservices #concretecontractor #stampedconcrete #drivewaysinregina


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