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Stamped Concrete! Some insight into the decorative concrete option.

Updated: Mar 6, 2019

Nowadays, your imagination is the only limitation when it comes to stamped concrete. With 100s of colours, accents and designs to choose from, there is almost certainly an option to cater to your taste and to your home or business' visual appearance.

We have been installing stamped concrete since 1994 and we have seen dramatic changes to the industry in the way that these products are installed, the options we can now provide and improvements to the many ways it is maintained to last!

Stamped concrete, commonly referred to as patterned concrete or imprinted concrete, uses rubber stamps designed from “real stone” molds to imprint the concrete to resemble natural brick, slate, stone, tile, and even wood planks. Stamp patterns can be applied as an overlay that goes over your existing concrete slab, or can be stamped into freshly poured concrete before it hardens. Either way, we are able to mimic these more expensive materials beautifully to enhance the look of your patio, pool deck, driveways and sidewalks

Our colors and patterns look natural and authentic and can be designed to easily blend with any existing stone, tile, or patterned concrete. Our highlighting and antiquing products utilize the latest UV technology to resist fading and, in combination with our high quality sealers you’ll be able to enjoy your low-maintenance, easy-to-clean, living spaces for many years to come.

Here are the current stamps we are offering our customers and some insight into them;

Most popular for walkways and borders, this stamp offers a ton of detail, deep stone pattern impressions and carries colour and accents very well. We have also installed this pattern on complete driveways and patios alike.

At a quick glance it may seem similar to ashlar slate but at a closer look you will notice the grout lines and edges are smooth and more shallow. While ashlar provides a very nice, natural stone appearance, Rivenstone tends to come across as more of a modern stone stamp look.

A timeless, clean looking texture stamp that has shown great function and performance for patios and large areas for many years of being in service. It carries many great impression details throughout without having the deeper grout lines as other pattern stamps, this allows for chairs and tables to sit more flush and reduce wobbling as its a more level, consistent surface. Whether it be one solid colour you are after or a antiqued, mottled effect this stamped concrete pattern wont disappoint.

Similar to Roman slate, this stamp texture is also very functional for large spaces such as driveways, patios and other floors.

This stamped concrete pattern doesnt need much of an explanation. We are able to stamp the concrete with a wood plank concrete stamp to achieve a look of weathered wood.

Though we do not get to install this stamp concrete pattern as much as we did in the 2000s and 90s, its still available and gives the look of randomly placed large stones within the concrete slab.

All of our stamped concrete patterns and textures can be matched with any base colour, antique colour and accent option!

If you have any questions about the stamped concrete or decorative concrete options we offer please let us know! As always, free quotes and free advice on any project youre considering.



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